Discover how businesses of any scale or any industry benefit from Boomware products. From enhancing security and making customer experience safer, to marketing special offers and providing extra support, we have something to offer any company.


Social networks, chats and messaging, dating services - wherever there is real-time communication, there are account takeovers and fraudulent activity. Boomware has a variety of solutions to prevent such illegal actions. To grow a base of satisfied loyal users, we also provide custom notifications, alerts and reminders. Keeping up with users has never been easier.

Finance & Banking

For financial and banking services, Boomware offers almost endless opportunities for communicating with and protecting customers: 2FA to prevent account takeover; transactional SMS to confirm purchases; alerts, notifications, and reminders to track and manage balance changes in real-time with a single click. With our APIs and SDKs, we can turn the most conservative bank into an innovative and forward-looking platform.


On-demand services offer customers what they need, now. From Uber and Lyft to Airbnb, on-demand companies depend on building a strong and reliable communication system for getting an instant and relevant connection to every client. Improve user experience and increase average usage volume with personalized communication at the right time and the right place.

E-Commerce & Retail

Boomware assists e-commerce and retail businesses at every step of the customer experience. Encourage buyers via promotional SMS or by sending out customized offers. Inform clients when products they are interested in are available and back in stock. Use location-based marketing to improve shopping experience right at the store. Show your care by sending incentives, such as holidays wishes, at any time.

Customer Services & Support

With people becoming more mobile every day, companies in any industry should follow the trend and go mobile too. This is especially important in matters concerning customer support. Being one click away and always ready to help dramatically increases client loyalty. 24/7 mobile support can become a significant advantage to any business. Boomware offers a range of solutions for optimizing instant communication with customers: APIs for in-app calling, 3-way verification, SIP integration, Viber / SMS chats and so much more.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel agencies, booking companies, hotels, and restaurants - SMS services are widely used in hospitality. Whether it’s communication with travelers in real-time, booking confirmations, reservation reminders, schedule change alerts or innovative fast check-in and check-out - Boomware offers products that suit any need.