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January 07, 2019

Flash Call: The Cheaper Two-factor Authentication Solution

flash call verification as a cheap 2fa solution

In the digitalization era, businesses spend much money on customers even before they come and actually buy something. Costs include marketing, online advertising, analytics, support, and so on. One of these expenses is two-factor authentication.

Common 2FA solutions include one-time code delivered over SMS or voice message. While they are rather popular and widely spread, they can be expensive in some countries as the operators there have high rates for SMS and phone calls. Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs and earn more money, so CPaaS providers came up with a cheaper user verification solution for that: the Flash Call.

It is cost-effective and helps companies to save money spent on each client. In some countries, it is up to 60% cheaper than SMS-based methods. At the same time, on Android-run devices it can also provide a better user experience by satisfying customers through simple authentication.

So, what is the magic behind Flash Call and why is it cheaper?

Just like SMS and Voice verification, it is a phone-based solution. As the user installs an app or starts the sign up procedure on a website, they are asked to enter their cellphone number. After that, the API sends them a one time code required for registration. The key difference here is in the form of password delivery. While SMS and Voice authentications need a successfully performed action (a delivered message or an answered call), Flash Call is more passive. A user gets a call that he does not need to answer. It is automatically rejected by the application, so no minutes are used. Then the client just takes the last 4 (or more) digits of the inbound phone number and uses them as the code. That’s it. It is that simple.

Also, Flash Call can be better in terms of UX on Android smartphones (which currently dominate the market). The application automatically intercepts the call, inserts the last four digits and instantly verifies the device. It reduces friction and impresses the customer with a simplified authentication process. Thanks to this WOW effect, you exceed clients’ expectations and reward them with a great user experience. From that moment on, your app will be associated with something cool, simple and easy to use, thus converting new leads into loyal customers.

Such automation can also be beneficial in another way: the user is not distracted by switching between different apps and sign up conversion rates become much higher. Additionally, unlike SMS, Flash Call verification can work for landline phones (provided that they have automatic number identification).

To summarize, Flash Call is a fantastic option if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to SMS and Voice authentication. This is especially the case in many African countries where rates for SMS and calls are rather high. Flash Call verification happens lightning fast on Android OS and improves customer experience and retention.

More and more companies using this solution are already saving money on authentication and increasing their ROI and LTV. If you want to reduce your costs as well, we can help you with that. We have powerful APIs and SDKs for seamless Flash Call integration and with just a few lines of code you will be able to introduce it as well. Contact us and we will gladly help you or provide more information on this cost-effective authentication solution.

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