Use cases

Learn how to take advantage of Boomware products and integrate our solutions into different industries


Customer Alerts and Notifications

Alert customers on changes to their accounts, promote your products and send personalized messages via SMS, RCS or chat apps

Appointments and Reminders

Enable 2-way communication for customers to cancel or reschedule appointments and save your time and money

Two Factor Authentication

Add 2FA to protect client data: seamlessly verify users via Flash Call or send one time passwords via SMS or Voice

Phone Number Validation

Validate phone numbers to ensure that you reach your customers, minimize fraud, and clean your database from fake or inactive users

Passwordless Authentication

Forget about traditional passwords and authenticate users with Flash Calls or one time codes sent via SMS and Voice

Two Way Communications

Allow your customers to interact with your brand, start conversations, confirm orders and enjoy the customer experience they deserve

Anti-Fraud Managment

Reduce suspicious activities and stop fraudsters before they do any harm. Validate transactions, prevent account takeovers and increase security

Account Recovery

Resetting passwords via email is not safe. Make account recovery secure by sending one time reset codes via SMS or Voice for users to regain access to their data

Loyalty Managment

Launch a loyalty program and give rewards to clients through channels like chat apps, SMS or RCS. Stay in touch with customers, send updates and offer discounts

Customer Personalization

Deliver support and send offers to clients via channels that are convenient to them. Whether it is SMS or a favorite chat app, you will ensure the best user experience


Finance and Banking

Protect users' funds with two step verification and ensure smooth client onboarding with custom payment and account preferences

Travel and Hospitality

With SMS and two way communication, customers can book flights, make reservations, get updates on delays or receive support when abroad

E-commerce and Retail

Use mobile messaging to optimize the shopping experience. Notify clients about abandoned carts, order confirmations and new items in stock

Customer Support

Be accessible and provide customer support via multiple channels with SMS or chat apps. Resolve issues and keep clients satisfied to improve loyalty and engagement

On-demand Services

Provide prompt responses to users that reach out to you. Be there when it matters most and build instant communication with customers

Social Communication

Add messaging features to apps that incorporate user interaction and enhance security with account verification. Make communication swift and safe


With mobile messaging, doctors can now give prompt medical advice online. Allow for real-time patient-clinician communication via SMS or chat apps

Enterprise Collaboration

Bring enterprise collaboration to a new level and boost employee efficiency. Let staff instantly communicate even if they are in different countries

Education and Training

Students and teachers can now leverage instant mobile messaging to get an augmented education experience. Set up two way communication between learners and tutors

Online Gaming

Use one time codes to protect accounts and verify in-game transactions. Send alerts and notifications, reward players and provide the best gaming experience